About Us

At propfits.my, we tasked ourselves with a mission to make Credit Card more accessible and affordable again through payment smarts. Our platform facilitates the savvy way, Convenient, Safe & Rewarding, to optimize your cashflow and value, by making payments or collections via Credit Card features.


Our platform is especially useful for property-related transactions, whether landlords or tenants, home- owners and property investors alike, now anyone can pay through or accept Credit Card instantly; for shop or house rentals, renovations, professional fees, post-paid bills, or even earnest deposit on property purchases, to real estate taxes, including relevant supplies and ancillary services to unleash the power of your moneys.


Flex your funding and financing efficiencies on other important payments, significant or recurring expenses, even for education, salary & business expenses, while possibly earning cash rebates, rewards, sign-up bonuses, bulk discounts, enjoying promotions, marketing campaigns, as well as leveraging the opportunity-costs along the way.