Now everyone can pay or get paid by Credit Card...

even for non-card accepting merchants or those without a merchant account!

How It Works?

Pay Or Request Payment For Various Supported Transactions By Credit Card (Instant Sign-Up)

- Sign-Up & Select User Group Privileges
- Create Payment & Payee Details
- Attach SnapShot Of Supporting Bills For TX Review

Charge Payment Straight-Through Credit Card Authorization Networks Even WITHOUT A Merchant Account

- Direct CheckOut @ e-Banking Or Payment Network
- PayOut Managed Through Custodian Account
- Opt-In Protection With Exclusive Insurance Plan

PayOut To Intended Payee Enjoy Up To 50 Days Interest-Free Credit &/Or Earn Credit Card Rewards / CashBack

- Earn Bonus Rebates & Rewards
- Flex CashFlow & Big-Tickets Via Installment Plans
- Expand Biz Advantage & Deal-Making Opportunities


No More Hassle To Write & Deposit / Return Cheques

Near-Time Online Tracking Of Payment / Collection Status

Pay With Credit Card By Choice, Independent From Biller

Accept Credit Card Anytime, Even Without A Merchant Account

Consolidate & Reconcile All Payment / Collection Records At Fingertips 

Benefits of Using Us

Instant Credit Up To 50 Days Interest-Free Period (Subject To Statement Cycle)

Card CashBacks / Reward Bonuses & Fee-Waiver (Dependent On Card Programs)

Flexed CashFlow & Managed Affordability, Installment / Easy Payment Plan (IPP / EPP)

Pre-Payment Rebates / Single-Payment Discounts (Early-Bird & Bulk-Purchase)

Interest-Savings / Avoidance-Cost (Advance Loan Repayment / Early Settlement) 

Propfits Features

Pay With Credit Card For Cash-Only & Non-Carded Transaction

Use The Credit Card Of Your Choice, Including Payment To Biller That Does Not Accept Credit Card

Get Paid With Credit Card Even Without A Merchant Account

Request & Accept Payment With Credit Card Instantly, Not Required To Maintain A Merchant Account

Direct Payment CheckOut

Managed Through Prevailing Bank-Security & Payment Infrastructure

Repeat & Recurring Transaction

Fast & Convenient – Assisted Payment Initiation Steps

Convert Important & Prioritized Payment Into Installment Plan​

Flex CashFlow & Breakdown Large-Ticket Item Into ZERO Or Low-Cost Easy Payment Plan

Optimize Your Savings & Rewards

Enjoy Twice The Returns By Leveraging On Credit Card Smarts - Payment Discounts + Transaction CashBacks

Supported Transactions

Rental / Leasing & Placement 

Monthly Rentals . Advance Payments . Security & Utility Deposits . Tenancy Agreement 

Service & Professional Fee 

Agent Commission . Legal & Conveyance . Property Management . Audit & Accounting 

Sale & Purchase Transaction 

Earnest Deposit . Down-Payment . Project Launch . Property Marketing & Development 

Insurance & Service Charges 

Fire (HouseOwner) & Contents (HouseHolder) Policy . MRTA . MLTA . Renter & LandLord Insurance 


RPGT . Stamp Duty . Quit Rent . Assessment Fee

Other Service Providers & Transactions – Billings / Invoices 

Training & Education . Biz Expenses . Vendors & Suppliers . ID & Renovation . Salary & Claims

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